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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Stalybridge & Hyde Labour candidate is ... Jonny Reynolds

Yes, you heard it here first - the Stalybridge and Hyde Constituency Labour Party have selected Councillor Jonathan Reynolds to replace James Purnell as the official Labour candidate for the MP post.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Sean Parker-Perry - preparing for battle

We hear that following the revelations about his political dirty tricks and topsy-turvy sex life, Sean Parker-Perry is preparing for battle with the press and public. As you can see from the photograph, he is taking a characteristically OTT approach to it...

Like (ex) father (in law), like (ex) son (in law) - Part 4

You would have thought that things couldn't get much worse for Cllr Sean Parker-Perry, following the recent revelations about his idiotic attempts to smear a fellow Longdendale Councillor. But it seems that some people are so outraged by his behaviour, they're feeding us info about other tricks that he's getting up to.

It is known in political circles that the relationship between Cllr. Sean Parker-Perry and Lady Fiona Pendry has been on the rocks for some time. We had been told that at one point earlier in 2009 Sean had moved out of their home in Broadbottom, and even put the house up for sale. Then we were told just weeks later that Sean had moved back in again.

Everything was presumed to be going well when Fiona gave birth to a daughter in November 2009. However, the Mafia was told that Sean not long after moved into an apartment in Hollingworth just before Christmas. Well, it seems as if Sean has moved on already and got a new bit on the side who is not long into her twenties, as seen pictured with Sean at a New Years Eve bash.

We do wonder what Lord Tom "The Baron" Pendry thinks of all this considering Sean used him to climb the political ladder. However given Pendry's past with women, he hardly has any room to talk ...

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sean Parker-Perry is at it again...

Tameside Eye is breaking with news that internal bloodletting has broken out in the local Labour Mafia, over the tussle to become the replacement for James Purnell. And in the thick of it is that prize twerp Sean Parker-Perry, this time doing the dirty on his fellow Longdendale Councillor Jonathan 'Jonny' Reynolds.

You would have thought that given his past track record, Parker-Perry would have learned not to meddle with the internet, but the evidence Tameside Eye has presented seems pretty damning. It'll be interesting to see what happens, but it looks like Parker-Perry's political career is effectively over.

But what of Parker-Perry's allegations about Reynolds? Perhaps we'll return to that at a later date?