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Monday, 10 August 2009

Roy "2 Jags" Oldham

You may have spotted two new Jaguar's parked besides the town hall steps. One is a Jaguar XJ and the other is a Jaguar XF which replace the Ford Dorchester. The council professes that the cars are a "greener deal".

Indeed the Jaguar's are a greener deal comparing them to the dated Ford Dorchester which does 12 Miles Per Gallon. The latest Jaguar XJ is quoted at doing 40.1 MPG and the Jaguar XF can do 37.6 MPG.

However if the council wants to go green then why couldn't it opt for a much greener vehicle such as the Toyota Prius which can do 65 MPG - nearly double that of the Jaguar's and much cheaper too! Tameside Council Leader, Cllr. Roy Oldham is constantly bleating about how environmentally friendly the Prius is, that he replaced the entire fleet of Ford Focus cars for the Prius. So why doesn't he drive in one himself?

Roy owns a Volkswagen Golf which is hardly ever used as he is chauffeur driven from his home in Mottram to the council offices. Even the Chief Executive, Steven Pleasant who lives in Broadbottom drives himself in a Prius to work. If it is good enough for Steven Pleasant, then why not Roy Oldham?

The cars cost the taxpayer a total of £1,662 per month, with the Jaguar XJ costing £950 per month and the Jaguar XF costs £712 per month. Both cars cost £44,650 and £33,464 respectively over their 47 month lease or £78,114 combined.

What is odd that the council could own a Jaguar XJ for £44,604 and an XF for £32,900. Both are cheaper to buy rather than rent, so why waste taxpayers money?

It seems that TMBC have not learned their lesson from last time when they caused a stink in the local press by leasing a BMW for dear old Uncle Roy. Now that the BMW has gone, we can now call our glorious leader, Roy "2 Jags" Oldham.


Anonymous said...

Are these cars powered by that rather nice 3.0-litre V6 Turbo Diesel engine?

It is possible to get over 50 mpg from an XJ with that engine, Jeremy Clarkson managed 53 mpg on the Top Gear economy run in one of those.

I wouldn't give the Prius much credibility however, as a BMW 320d or Audi A4 2.0TDI offer better fuel economy and better resale values.

Anonymous said...

Seems a good deal to me, the lease rates mentioned will also include roadtax (as is standard). Plus there is no depreciation of assets and also no lump sum/up front payment to buy the cars in the first place.