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Sunday, 26 July 2009

What a Bell End!

People reading the local press may have noticed the hype coming from Tameside Council Conservative Group Leader, Councillor John Bell picking up our campaign against the huge amount of money wasted on statues and artwork in the borough.

The thing is, back in 2007 John Bell was actually favour of the bronze plaques in the borough as this video from Channel M where 56 seconds into the video, Councillor Bell states "I welcome these to be put in every ward in Tameside".

Make your mind up John!

Hat-tip: No Mottram Bypass


Anonymous said...

Not before time, even if the leader of the opposition DID once say he was in favour of it.

Spending tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers' hard earned cash on these bronze monstrosities is a wasteful and shameful misuse of public money. This is yet another shining example of Labour's long period of wanton waste, arrogance and misrule in Tameside.

Anonymous said...

This Councillor is flip flopping on a serious issue regarding the waste of local taxpayers' money.

The fact that he's leader of the opposition just makes matters worse. Is there ANY chance whatsoever that ANYONE will provide credible opposition to Labour in Tameside?

Grumpygaz said...

The blog title should be the ROY OLDHAM PLAGUE.
This odious man has festered over Tameside for way too long.
His megalomania has no equal, how in the hell did he come up with the conclusion that his address was worthy of being on the same plaque as historical landmarks?

I'd also like to know why he thinks he rates a chauffer driven Jag, No other council leader in the UK is that presumptuous. Arrogance of the highest order.

Those Tameside councillors that were party to this when it went through council should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. I have to live with potholes and speed bumps all over our estate on roads in a shambolic state and this clown gets a cushy ride in a jag and has his address on a plaque at my expense?

Sod that for a game of soldiers.

Anonymous said...

conservatives cant make their minds up. they blow whichever way if they think the public( plebians)will vote them into power.