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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Exclusive: Cllr. Steve Smith Drink Driving Shame

We have an exclusive for you. The Labour councillor for the St. Peter's ward, Stephen Smith has handed in his resignation after being caught drink driving. It gets better, the former deputy mayor is also a member on the alcohol licensing speakers panel!

The irony is that the Conservative candidate for Denton North East, Floyd Paterson, is an anti drink driving campaigner. Oh dear...

The Mafia has been told that Steven Pleasant, the newly appointed chief executive of Tameside Council is "sitting" on the resignation due to the Denton North East by-election. We will have more news on this as it develops.


Anonymous said...

I am utterly disgusted by the behaviour of this elected councillor. He could have killed someone. The Labour paty have no morals at all. Truely disgusting.

Anonymous said...

This guy's a member of the alcohol licensing panel, yet goes out drinking and driving. Shameful, utterly shameful.

Having said that, the Labour government is quite obviously in bed with the drinks industry. Hence the madness of the 24 hour drinking regulations.

No morals, no principles and the corrupting influence of big business on decision making. That's the truth about Labour both nationally and in Tameside.