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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Another Mucky Minister: James Purnell's Pigsty

James Purnell, the Labour MP for Stalybridge & Hyde and Work and Pensions Secretary has been in the press this morning after an exclusive from the Sunday Express. Pictures reveal that Purnell lived like a pig in his £1,820 a month London apartment he rented despite claiming £100 a month in cleaning and £586 in repairs totaling £1636 as part of his MP's second home allowance.

Pictures from James Purnell's London apartment

James racked up a £5,000 bill in damages whilst living at the apartment. The property management company in charge of the apartment are holding Purnell's £2,520 deposit. According to the Sunday Express, he still owes £1,523.12.

James Purnell's constituency "home" in Broadbottom isn't much better either. Purnell bought the home in 2001 for £50,000. However locals tell the mafia he is never there and it looks a mess. So where does Purnell live when he is on constituency business? Well we are told he stays at another shithole - the Raddison in Manchester Piccadilly.

This comes weeks after it was revealed that James Purnell claimed £400 a month in food expenses on the tax payer. He eats like a pig and now we know he lives like one.


Anonymous said...

The dirty rotten scoundrel, (eyes roll) talk about putting your snout in the trough. This man's fleecing taxpayers left right and centre. Let's hope the good folks of Stalybridge and Hyde shout "welcome to dumpsville" at you at the next general election Jimmy darling.

Anonymous said...

What a complete cunt.

Anonymous said...

Oink! What a shitty little troughing pig. Can't even look after it's own habitats yet presumes to instruct on what's best for everyone else. Nulabor to the rotten core.