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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Tameside Works First: Tameside Jobs for Tameside Workers?

Tameside folk may have come across the numerous propaganda being propagated in the borough over Tameside Council's "Tameside Works First" initiative - a £12m "crunch-busting" package aimed at aiding local businesses in the borough with the council adding:

"Tameside companies and contractors will be used wherever possible."
However the Mafia can reveal that this is actually illegal. Under EU laws, the "Public Contracts Regulations 2006" prevents local government exclusively selecting local businesses for public sector contracts with the online legal website out-law.com summarising:
"The law is designed to open up the EU's public procurement market to competition, to prevent "buy national" policies and to promote the free movement of goods and services."
The council has already decided to follow this through with the contract regarding a new eco-friendly £400,000 furnace at Dukinfield Crematorium being given to a company in Hyde rather than a German company with Councillor Kieran Quinn, Cabinet Deputy for Economic Services admitting:
"This contract was a forerunner to Tameside Works First, it demonstrates how we are planning to support local business. We will be looking to replicate it time and again.

"It's good to know that a Tameside firm has been engaged and that there will be Tameside people working on the project."
So Tameside Council is following protectionist policies and not letting any outside business in. It has an air of British Jobs for British Workers or in this case it's Tameside Jobs for Tameside Workers!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Kieran Quinn look like Gordon Brown and Nick Griffin with their "home and away" eyes.

Anonymous said...

so are you saying you dont agree with supporting local buisiness and we should give it to the germans?

Tom Hagen said...

I disagree as protectionism will not help Tameside. If we shut the doors to outside business, then what's to say more prosperous boroughs such as Manchester and Stockport choose not to do business with Tameside? Now that will be far more damaging for Tameside.

We must ensure that the tender process is fair and gives value for money for tax payers rather than a short term political trick to woo the press and the people.

Anonymous said...

A GERMAN crematoria!

GERMAN....what, no outcry from the "Remember the Nazis" brigade?

aproposofwhat said...

Well the German crematorium would likely be more efficient...

DominicJ said...

Dare I ask how much more the "Tameside First" solution will cost the taxpayer of Tameside?

Tom Hagen said...

They have assigned £12m for Tameside Works First Dominic.

DominicJ said...

That's what, a £60 tax cut per Tameside resident?