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Thursday, 19 March 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Piggy Pendry's Pay

Remember when we covered the story on Lord Pendry receiving Wimbledon Tickets from Imperial Tobacco? We thought it conflicted with the statements that smoking was unacceptable from the high profile sporting bodies which Lord Pendry declared on his register of interests which he holds senior positions for.

One body which the former shadow sports minister declared working for was Tameside Sports Trust which is run by Tameside MBC. The Mafia can exclusively reveal that the Piggy Peer is paid £10,000 per year from council tax payers coffers for attending one meeting, once a month lasting one hour. This is equivalent to £833 per hour before tax.

If Pendry was to have a full time job doing the standard 37.5 hours a week then he would earn £1,624,350.00 a year. This is more than what the "disgraced" Sir Fred Goodwin earned at the Royal Bank of Scotland who took home a reported £1.29m basic salary.

Nice work if you can get it...

Supporting documents:
*FoI Request
*Offer Letter

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DORIS said...

it dosent matter what the public sector pays out the private sector have to work hard against all the problems with the credit crunch,the council just say pay out what we want and if we havent enough just put the council tax up.if the peasants revolt or refuse to pay add £75 to their bill for court action then if they dont pay send the ballifs in to take anything they want and tell em oh sorry but we need it to pay for arseholes who do nowt.. NOW THATS DEMOCRACY THROUGH THE EYES OF THE SOCIALIST PARTY