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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Piggy Pendry has his nose in the trough

The Tameside Advertiser carries what should be a devastating article on Stalybridge and Labour Peer, Lord Tom Pendry. Pendry has updated his declaration of interests as a Lord, with one detailing that he received tickets for Wimbledon from Imperial Tobacco.

This has come under fire because it contradicts the message that sports ministers are keen to send out - that a sporty lifestyle is a healthy one, and smoking is definitely not part of that message. Pendry's declaration of interests also show he is quite involved in the world of sport by being remunerated as President of the Football Foundation Ltd, Sports Adviser to Tameside District Council Sports Trust. He also a trustee for Develop Youth Through Sports Trust. A bit of googling reveals he is also a trustee for the England & Wales Cricket Board according to the Charities Commission - which appears to be omitted from the Lord's interests.

But the most damaging of all is that Pendry has previously spoke out against Labour's smoking ban in private members clubs. His "TheyWorkForYou" record shows he voted very strongly against introducing a smoking ban.

So what did Lord Pendry have to say about the claims brought against him to the Tameside Advertiser?

"It’s a point of view but it is not something that bothers me. I don’t see it as a clash at all. I am not a smoker and my work in the field of sport is completely separate."
Well Pendry is lying - he is an avid cigar smoker (see image above). So why make such a blatant lie to the press? Our contention is that this visit completely contradicts his seats on the government funded boards he sits on. It may be a point of view, and it may not be something that bothers him, as demonstrated on this revealing video from the Ministry of Truth. It is recommended viewing as he goes on to justify MPs lying to the House of Commons as well as saying they have a right to do so as they are the voice of God!

It isn't the first time either that Pendry has been brought down into sleaze through his former positions. In March, 2007 he was dragged into a multi-million fraud probe in America. He booked champagne receptions at the Houses of Parliament for Warren McLaughlin, former head of Palm Beach Visitors Bureau. Lord Pendry claimed he didn't get anything for it.

Moving on, Lord Pendry also states he is a parliamentary consultant to Arrowcroft Plc. Which is interesting as Arrowcroft state on their Northwest website:
"Arrowcroft North West was established in 1995 as a joint venture company with United Utilities to develop the surplus land holding within United Utilities` 150,000 acre estate.

Concentrated in the North West of England many of the sites are on the edge of major conurbations, strategically located adjacent to the motorway network."
Interesting. ArrowCroft have been trying to build a leisure complex on greenbelt in Denton on land owned by United Utilities. This was backed by the North West Development Agency which Tameside Council Leader, Roy Oldham (a good friend of Lord Pendry) is a member of and Tameside Council itself. It was to be funded by the Greater Manchester Property Venture Fund (GMPVF), which is a division of the Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) which by no coincidence is chaired by Roy Oldham and administered by Tameside Council! However the plans were thankfully rejected by the then Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott.

But what is really bizare is that ArrowCroft tried to sue the government for not approving of the proposed Waterside development. So Lord Pendry is a consultant to a company which is suing the Labour government of which he is a member of!

He is also President and shareholder of Oyston Steel Estates, of which he owns 0.5%. The majority shareholder of the business is the multimillionaire Labour Party supporter and convicted rapist, Owen Oyston. According to the Times, Oyston Steel Estates builds property in Marbella on the Costa Del Sol.

Pendry is close friends with Owen Oyston and whilst Oyston was in prison serving a sentence for raping a then underage 16 year old girl, Pendry accused Tories of leading a dirty tricks campaign over an alleged financed secret investigation which led to the conviction of Oyston as well as campaigning against the Crown Prosecution Service.

In 2007 Oyston attended a Labour Party bash hosted by Gordon Brown costing £10,000 a table. Gordon Brown urged Labour Party members not to accept any donations from Owen Oyston, but it appears being a shareholder of one of his businesses is perfectly OK.

His interests as a Lord stretch out as far as family, his son, Dominic Pendry is an assistant for him and - as we know all too well - his son-in-law, Longdendale Councillor Sean Parker-Perry, is married to his daughter, Fiona, and was working as a "Parliamentary Political Operative" to Stalybridge & Hyde MP, James Purnell up until recently after a series of reported fall outs. Back in 2005, Pendry defended his son-in-law, Sean and continued his hate for the CPS when Sean was taken to court for theft.

Other declared interests from Lord Pendry include being paid £1,000 a month from the Stamford Group as a Parliamentary Advisor, Chairman of the Angel Trust and also receiving a cruise from Los Angeles to Miami as a guest of Saga Holidays in return for lectures on Parliament and on sport. All expenses were met by Saga but Pendry paid one half of the drinks bill.

He also claimed £54,000 in tax free allowances last year and attended the House of Lords for 143 days.

Nice work, if you can get it.


Anonymous said...

Tameside's Leader of the Opposition summed things up brilliantly when he said that he personally was opposed to any involvement of tobacco companies in sport and that Lord Pendry ought to be setting an example and encouraging the youth of today to lead a healthy lifestyle.

This is typical of the hypocrisy one has come to expect from the leading lights of the Labour Party.

Tom Hagen said...

I am glad you agree.

Anonymous said...

Most of the land being CPO'd by the Highways Agency for the Mottram bypass is also owned by United Utilities, so they stand to make a tidy packet from that. What a tangled web our local politicians lead...