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Thursday, 5 February 2009

LIVE BLOG: Newton Ward by-election results

Welcome to our live blog of the By-election result for the Hyde Newton Ward. Email updates are coming straight from our correspondent at the count...

10.33 p.m. - The council issues cards to people attending the count - usually limited to 8 people. Labour have approx 20 in there. 2 police vans are here with about 8 police officers.

10.55 p.m. - Turnout is 34%. Very close between BNP and Labour. Tories 3rd. Voting higher than average. James Purnell is counting votes! Mike Doherty is here.

11.14 p.m - Purnell: "I'm cheering on every Tory vote tonight"

11.35 p.m. - Labour 1379, BNP 889, Con 485, Lib Dem 172, Green 69, UKIP 33 - Labour hold Hyde Newton.


1 comment:

Chris Paul said...

Usually tickets for the count are of two kinds. For tellers and candidates agents. Limited to eight or indeed less than that. Plus corridor passes. In Manchester every councillor is entitled to a corridor pass with a plus one. As live blogging goes this has to be one of the most tedious and insightless pieces I've ever seen! But I've sent people over to take a look. Purnell was obviously NOT counting votes in the normal sense. Though he may have acted as a teller. It was not "very close between BNP and Labour" as you assert. Rubbish. Labour must have had piles and later bundles that were over 50% taller and more numerous than the BNP's.

What happened to the Lib Dems?