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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Brenda's Fagging It

We don't know how this slipped under our radar, but Tameside and Glossop NHS PCT issued a press release to encourage people in Tameside to stop smoking which can be downloaded here [Word Doc]. The press release has some shocking claims:

"In Tameside, there are 458 deaths from smoking per year, amounting to a total of nine deaths per week. ‘Don’t miss out on your family’s future’ is the message behind a local campaign launched by NHS Tameside and Glossop and Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council to encourage smokers to quit in 2009."

Picture of the Labour councillor for Denton West, Brenda WarringtonThe press release comes from an employee of Tameside and Glossop NHS PCT and Labour Councillor, Brenda Warrington for the Denton West ward whose cabinet role is "Cabinet Deputy and Executive Member for Personal and Community Services with responsibility for Health and Social Care within TMBC."

But what you may or may not know is that Councillor Brenda Warrington was previously chair of The Tobacco Workers' Alliance (TWA). A contradiction or not? After all she was there to represent the workers right? Actually no, thanks to Google we have found press releases a plenty and we get to see Brenda's view on smoking:

*Remember Ecclestonegate? Well Brenda backed it up and was fully against a ban on tobacco advertising claiming it would lose 9,000 jobs.

*British jobs for British workers? Brenda was way ahead of you all when she went against British jobs moving abroad for companies to save money. Back in 2005!

*Then the smoking ban in public places. You guessed it - Brenda was there again fully against it.

We just can't see how Brenda can continue with her job being responsible for health in Tameside and fronting an anti-smoking campaign when her campaign history of going against the Labour government's anti-smoking legislation shows some massive contradictions and hypocrisy - she should resign.

UPDATE 05/03/09: Looks like this has made it to the press with no credit mentioned. The Tameside Advertiser published it on this weeks edition on page two and online. Word of Brenda has also spread nationally to this weeks Private Eye (Eye: 1231) Rotten Boroughs column.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, yet another shining example of a senior Labour politico from this neck of the woods applying double standards and hypocrisy to public health and the tobacco industry.

First of all we have cigar loving Tom Pendry and his links with Imperial Tobacco, now we have Councillor Warrington actively working AGAINST her own government's anti-smoking policies. Given her cabinet role, one could be forgiven for thinking that Cllr Warrington would be in the business of PROMOTING healthy living.

Come on Brenda, stop your scheming and trying to hoodwink the public. Although it's far too much to expect that you'll do the honest and decent thing by resigning from your cabinet role. Honour, honesty, decency and integrity are certainly things one cannot hope to ever see from the Labour leadership in this borough.