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Monday, 5 January 2009

James Purnell Drops His Wallet

Not to miss a beat where our Stalybridge and Hyde MP is concerned, the Mirror is once again reporting another gaffe about James Purnell losing his wallet which contained his House of Commons Security Pass, only weeks after he lost his "red box" on a train.

According to the Mirror, James Purnell had dropped the wallet on the busy Dean Street in Soho London whilst getting out of a cab. A passer-by then picked up the wallet and returned it to the police. James was ever grateful for the honest citizen who returned the wallet complete with bank cards and cash and called him back to say "thanks", according to the passer-by he said:

I told him I thought it might be important because I could see he was an MP. Mr Purnell replied, ‘I’m not an MP, I’m a member of the Cabinet’

But for Nice But Dim Jim, he is an MP - for Stalybridge and Hyde. He even forgets who he represents these days. Dizzy cow!

The Londonist Blog has a more interesting take on things. Although a source close to Tameside Mafia tells us that whilst in gay Soho, Purnell had his pants around his ankles having a bit of trade and that is how the wallet fell out on the floor.

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