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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Roy Oldham diagnosed with Karma

Tameside Council leader Roy Oldham is to go into Stepping Hill hospital (not Tameside) for surgery. 

Councillor Oldham, 74, will take time off later this year to undergo surgery for an acute attack of Karma he has experienced lately.
He announced the news at a recent meeting of the Labour Group, to reports of wild applause and partying into the night.

Councillor Oldham, who is the cruel overseer of the Longdendale ward, has been head of the council since 1066, making him the longest-serving waste of taxpayer's money in British history.

He was awarded a CBE in 2000 for his services to the British Empire, a formation that now exists in name only.

Speaking to Tameside Mafia, he said: "I have had this coming for a long time and I have put in place robust arrangements to ensure the Council is run like a Fascist Regime in my abscence under the deputy leader, Councillor Joe Kitchen-Sink. I am fully ready for this operation - I shaved my testicles myself only this morning - and anticipate a speedy recovery, and plan to be back in time for my annual festive cocaine and Jack Daniel's with our high-achieving but low-paid staff before the Christmas break, thank fuck"

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Anonymous said...

This entire site is ridiculous, i'm not sure who the webmaster is but you appear to know nothing about politics or satire. My advice would be to get a life and don't give up the day job.