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Sunday, 2 November 2008

James Purnell Isn't Working

New figures in the Manchester Evening News revealed last week that Tameside has been hit with a rise in unemployment by 24.4%, which is higher than the national average at 19%. Now this is quite alarming considering that Tameside is home to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, James Purnell MP.

Purnell recently has been spouting on about "work for dole" reforms and has been praised from all corners apart from his own constituency where in the local press he got into a war of words with an alcoholic *hic*. The interview was done by one of Purnell's local brown nose, Terry Duckworth Nigel Pivaro, who recently left the Reporter to work for the Daily Star. For local folk reading the blog, have they noticed the Tameside Reporter running regular features on Purnell focusing on these very "work for dole" reforms which are spun to say "hey it won't affect you". Well we shall see, but these rises in unemployment don't look too promising for James.

But rest assured if you are unemployed, Purnell does feel your pain (or so he would like you to think). The Independent had this interesting piece:

Whispers in the Commons reach me that minister James Purnell might have resigned had he been a casualty of the recent reshuffle. Still, a P45 would not have caused Purnell too many sleepless nights. In the early 1990s he found himself unemployed and did what any self-respecting young man does – sign up for the dole. "I remember queuing for a good hour, outside the kind of building that gave East German architecture a bad name," he writes in a local paper. Now he is Work and Pensions Secretary, and boasts: "My department employs over 100,000 people and spends more money each year than the entire GDP of Denmark." Perhaps now's not the best time to mention such extravagance?

Regarding the extravagance, in a Freedom of Information release it was revealed that the DWP had spent £2m on cabs in the past year. Taxi for Mr. Purnell please!

Now when I go to James Purnell's website to view his biography, where he details his career:

"He was a researcher to Rt. Hon. Tony Blair MP during his time as Shadow Employment Secretary, 1989-92. After graduating, he went to Hydra Associates 1992-94, and then became a Research Fellow at the Institute for Public Policy Research 1994-95 on their media and communications project.

He went on to become Head of Corporate Planning at the BBC from 1995-97. He then returned to work for the Prime Minister Tony Blair as Special Adviser on culture, media, sport and the knowledge economy from 1997-2001"

And in 2001 he became MP for Stalybridge and Hyde and the rest, as they say, is history. So back to the point of unemployment, where does the unemployment fall? He says he was working in the early 1990's. Is James Purnell lying about being unemployed?

Purnell is touted as the next messiah for the Labour Party, and even though he copied Tory policy, he likes to think he is the one to reform work and pensions. Here's how I see it: the press are (wrongly) claiming that Crash/Flash Gordon Brown has been the savior to the world economy by bailing out banks. If Gordon can save a few banks, surely Purnell can save a few jobs too? Things don't look good at the DWP at all, it was recently revealed that unemployment is expected to rise to 2 million by Christmas. It seems James Purnell isn't working.


Anonymous said...

Why has the media clamped down on the fact that Purnell is guilty of gross neglect when he opened his confidential Red Box as Secretary of State on a train October 4th then got of the train leaving confidential files which were eventually handed in (full details in the Daily Mirror 2nd November)
The even more unbelievable fact is the Media has clamped down on this story,however the MEN gave brief santatized details, but when comments on the MEN Internet Site were posted MEN decided to eradicate comments which were critical about this gross neglect.
Now something definately stinks regarding the Media and Labour.
Time to sort it out in a "democratic society" ??????

Tom Hagen said...

We have covered Purnell's gaffe in full. Check out our latest article.