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Thursday, 13 November 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Stalybridge & Hyde Conservative PPC Applicants

We have an exclusive that Stalybridge & Hyde Conservatives got to meet applicants on Tuesday night wishing to be the Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for the seat in the next general election. The prized picked person will have the honour of standing against the Cabinet Secretary of state for Work and Pensions, James Purnell.

The names of the candidates include:

Rob Adlard: Former Manchester City Centre council candidate. Now living in Longdendale.
Kashif Ali: Deputy Chairman of Manchester Conservatives. Was agent to Rob Adlard.
Kamran Ghafoor: Former Oldham MBC Councillor candidate for the Alexandra ward.
Stephen Holland: A councillor for the May Bank ward at Newcastle Borough Council.
Sajjad Hussain: Former LABOUR candidate for Manchester City Council in the Longsight ward!

Whoever is selected does have a good chance of winning if the local election results were anything to go off. At the local elections of 1st May, in the eight wards that constitute Stalybridge & Hyde; four were won by the Conservatives (Hyde Wernerth, Stalybridge/Dukinfield, Stalybridge North, Stalybridge South) three by Labour (Hyde Godley, Hyde Newton, Longdendale) and one by the Mossley Independents. The total number of votes polled by political parties in these eight wards was as follows:

Conservative: 9,225 (39.67%)
Labour: 8,347 (35.89%)
Liberal Democrats: 640 (2.75%)
Green Party: 1,601 (6.88%)
BNP: 1,375 (4.78%)
Independent: 1,113 (5.91%)
UKIP: 952 (4.09%)

If these figures were replicated at a General Election, the current Rt Hon Secretary of State for Works & Pensions would be out on his arse, and James Purnell would no longer have any reason to make token visits to either Stalybridge or Hyde.


*Past General Election Results
*2008 Tameside Council Election Results


Anonymous said...

There were comments from Tameside Citizen saying that Doreen Dickinson and Ruth Welsh were putting their name down. Whats going on?

it's dd for me said...

Watch this space. Doreen's had her hair done and is looking hot these days. She'd eat Purnell alive...