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Sunday, 9 November 2008

The Ashton Labour Poppy Appeal

We have been informed by a reader that Tameside Council have facilitated the Royal British Legion in a Tameside Council van outside Ashton Town Hall. No problem you may think, but the curious onlooker immediately spotted poppy boxes labelled with various Labour branches in Ashton (see picture). 

Also in the van was information on fortnightly bin collections and recycling (click on link to view) which the council is trying to peddle to the public - what a tasteful way of drawing this to the public's attention!

Now you may think that there is nothing wrong with political parties or the council raising money for such a worthwhile cause. As our reader pointed out, he feels that the display is a set up to promote the local Labour group. Speaking to Tameside Mafia, Liam Billington said:

"The boxes were clearly labeled with Ashton Labour. People passing the van may think it is the Labour party raising money for the Royal British Legion. I have no issue with any political party raising money for charities, but the council should not be facilitating this

I bet your bottom dollar that in a week or two we will see a letter in the Tameside Advertiser or the Reporter from the Royal British Legion thanking Ashton Labour Party for the money they raised through selling the poppies"

Billington then forwarded his complaint to Robert Landon who is head of Tameside Council's democratic services.

Hat tip: Thanks to Liam Billington sending in the images.

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mr blue sky said...

You may want to ask the Marketing Department whether or not they got permission from L. Frank Baum's estate for use of the Wizard of Oz characters in TMBC's recycling campaign.

Knowing somebody who knows something about the cost of such copyrights I think you may find that they may have overlooked obtaining it.