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Monday, 6 October 2008

Sean Parker-Perry: "Meet with me to find the Truth"

Longdendale Councillor, Sean Parker-Perry has once again rushed off to his good friends in the local press this week to defend himself against the claims made by ourselves on this blog and the No Mottram Bypass blog. We didn't speak to the local press and nor did our friends over at NMB, so who did? Sean has clearly shit his pants.

No Mottram Bypass has already covered what was said in the Tameside Advertiser. The local blogosphere knows what has gone on between Councillor Parker-Perry and his boss, James Purnell and his forced "resignation". The official line was supposed to be "family commitments", but someone else had already used that excuse that week. Instead we hear the most bizarre excuse ever that Sean Parker-Perry has resigned from Purnell's office to learn sign language!

In other mad parts of Tameside, Dukinfield Councillor John Taylor has also announced he has learned sign language. Taylor being the councillor who also made false accusations (later dropped) against the now defunct local blogger, Tameside Eye. Coincidence?

In our honest and frank opinion we feel that Sean has fucked up once again over these two points.

1) The Tameside Advertiser says Sean is off to college, where as the Reporter says he is off to University. Conflicting statements are the trademark of a compulsive liar.

Out of interest, we presume Sean Parker-Perry is off to his local college at Tameside to learn British Sign Language. Both courses run in the evening, so why couldn't Sean simply go after work like most folk do?

2) In the Tameside Reporter article, Sean says: "The rumours are nonsense and if the anonymous editor of these blogs would like to meet with me to find out what the truth is I would be more than happy to do so". So Sean wishes to meet with us, and other bloggers. You have to remember that this is the same councillor who made claims to the local police that our and others' articles on him were harassment. Is this proof of his wasting police time?

Sean is more than welcome to send us an email and have his right of reply, but for now we are less inclined to meet such an obnoxious and devious little twat.

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