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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Like father (in law), like son (in law) - Part 3

A mole at Tameside Council has exclusively revealed to Tameside Mafia that there is much speculation at the Wellington Road offices that Councillor Sean Parker-Perry has split with his wife, Fiona.

What we are told is that Sean has been doing the dirty with Claire Francis, as we previously covered. Claire and Sean can be regularly seen together alone in pubs across Hyde.

Further to what we have heard about Sean Parker-Perry's sacking, a Labour councillor told me that "James [Purnell] knows about the affair and he isn't too happy - he doesn't want too much controversy circulating around him". Francis at one point did work in Purnell's office. She now works at Manchester City Council.

Someone told the Mafia a few weeks ago that Sean Parker-Perry has put his house up for sale. We think that this is all in preparation for a rather costly split.

Whilst others are splitting up, we have Sean's father-in-law, Lord Tom "the Baron" Pendry making love. Him and his wife have parted company, but have never divorced as Moira wanted to keep the Lady title. We also have overheard that the serial shagger has been with Samantha Fox and also Mossley's Melanie Sykes when she was working as a barmaid in a local pub. We do take our hats off to you Tom, especially as we here his latest conquest is a 27 year old (!)

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