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Monday, 29 September 2008

James Purnell's Staff Reshuffle/Massacre

Tameside Mafia has been hearing that Stalybridge & Hyde MP, James Purnell has been doing a little hiring and firing recently from his Hyde constituency office.

Regular readers of the blog should know about the fate that befell former Purnell office boy Mike Doherty, although we haven't heard what has become of him since. It is as if he has vanished. However, we do know who his replacement is - Mike Kane (pictured right). Kane was appointed the role of Office Manager in June of this year. Yes, managing two one other members of staff, Sean Parker-Perry and Barbara Charlesworth.

A little about Mike Kane, he was a Labour councillor for the Northenden ward at Manchester City Council and held the prestigious title of Executive Member for Culture and Leisure all up until the May elections where he lost out to the Liberal Democrats by 8 votes.

Like his predecessors, Mike is very fond of the Internet and has his own blog. We shall be adding this one to our blogroll and shall be scrutinizing Mike's post for future reference.

The former councillor (who looks somewhat like Gollum) is far from whiter than white: he recently managed to piss off a reverend asking for a parish council. In the Labour Rose newsletter he headlined "Resign Now". God have mercy on your soul Mike!

It is nice to see that Purnell believes in the "right to work" by giving former Labour councillors a job in his office. Jobs for the boys eh James?

A second member of staff is to receive a long deserved push from Purnell, Longdendale Councillor, Sean Parker-Perry. No Mottram Bypass is reporting that James Purnell has finally seen sense and decided to give his closest cheerleader the axe. The anti-bypass blog says it must be a combination of recent events occurring relating to the arrest of Tameside Eye and the case being dropped. Also their recent posts on Active Longdendale which Purnell was quick to distance himself from. Not to forget the not-so-recent stuff with Sean Parker-Perry's dodgy Internet activities on his Roadmunkey blog (archive) and the silly Wikipedia edits. All the proof of Sean's meddling can be read in this blog post.

However, we became aware of a piece of news last night from Tribune Magazine which had this rather juicy statement:

"SO MUCH for free speech. The delegate from Tameside was barely off the rostrum after delivering a blistering attack on the proposed Manchester congestion charge when he got a text from his boss demanding to know, in so many words, what he thought he was playing at. His boss is Pensions Secretary James Purnell. And the delegate is a councillor."

Interesting they had to go off the free speech line days after No Mottram Bypass published their original article. As for the mysterious "delegate" we have our bets on that this is Sean Parker-Perry. Coincidence?

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