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Friday, 15 August 2008

Police Corruption?

It is getting quite heated in Tameside's own blogosphere. Many of you may know of Tameside Eye and his arrest, if you don't it is worth taking a look here.

Apart from Tameside Mafia being on the local police hit list (to find out who's behind this blog), it seems the arresting officer could have a rather dangerous conflict of interest in Sean Parker-Perry's favour. PC Sue Moss is on the Longdendale and Hattersley District Assembly, which funnily enough Sean Parker-Perry chairs. Coincidence?

The recent post made by Billington last week does appear to be a last ditch resort as he has been told to keep quiet on what was said in his interview with the police. However, it appears in this week's Reporter that Sean Parker-Perry and PC Moss are pictured together for a press release for a new police car. Hmmmmm....

We eagerly await to see what happens next.

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Anonymous said...

The only reason officialdom are interested in this blog, Tameside Eye, Tameside Citizen and No Mottram Bypass is because those in power are subjected to some very robust uncompromising questioning related to their honesty and integrity. Indeed it's the sort of questioning the opposition on Tameside Council ought to be doing, but don't seem to be able to bring themselves to do.

If certain members of the Labour hierarchy in Tameside were as honest and decent as they'd have us all believe, then they wouldn't be living in a constant state of paranoia about what's being written about them on this and other forums. I have heard on the grapevine that TMBC's IT unit have RSS monitoring feeds on all the blogs, and would expect the police to be following suit.

I have very deep suspicions about what's really going on with reference to the Billington case. I believe that this case may well be the test the authorities intend to use to remove the right of ordinary citizens to take part in free and fair discussion about those in elected office who lord it over them.