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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

James Purnell - 'No Personality & No followers...'

No shit...

Anyway, seems like newshound Michael Crick doesn't fancy James' chances much. What a shame. Anyway, someone should tell Crick that Purnell has one very enthusiastic follower who is so enamoured he's willing to change history for his master.

Let's see if he make any difference in this little contest...


Tom Hagen said...

It has been reported in the press that Purnell has supposed to have said that he has ruled himself out to back Miliband. However some are saying that Purnell's "assistant" is saying that isn't true.

So either Purnell is gearing himself up and trying to let team Miliband's guard down or they are doing the usual "Gordon is the man for the job" trickery.

Remember Purnell hired Blair's former speech writer slagging off Brown. So don't rule Purnell out yet.

It is also speculated that Purnell could of done a pact with Miliband so that Purnell gets the top job of chancellor/deputy PM. Once Miliband bows down, Purnell would take the helm of Labour Party Leader. By then Purnell will be older and dare I say... Wiser? The next one to watch out for is Andy Burnham who is Purnell's little lap dog. They shared a house together and Burnham was a minister under Purnell when he was at the DCMS which Burnham is now heading up.

Anonymous said...

Purnell the silent assassin must be in conflict at the moment.
First Brown dumps a number of No10 seniour aids very recently and brings in Stephen Carter a touted future head of ITV,and Carter is causing problems by dictating to MP`s throughout the Party and has taken over the morning PM`s briefing to journalists.Carter is a tough Scottish and incredibly ambitious non politician and his best friend is Purnell.
Now Purnell was leapfrogged into No10 when he worked in the BBC No1 to Birt the friend of Blair,hence Purnell became a solid supporter of Blair.
Because Carter married Anna Gorman in Melbourne 1992 it seems certain that she also was associated with Purnell because she was also given a top BBC job to control and manage new BBC National News and Regional News coverage which would have been more than useful for the abour Party.Now Stephen Carter (her husband) had also been the No1
at Ofcom which is also useful if someone wants a Radio Broadcasting Licence something akin to Tameside Radio.
So does Purnell back Miliband and get up his mate`s nose (Stephen Carter the ultimate assassin in No10 now and the No1 advisor to Brown)or does Purnell become the knife sharpener for Miliband who would certainly use the weapon when needed,or could another link be considered that of Purnell having been the No1 in the House of Commons leading the Friends of Israel very influential lobby group for Israel,and obviously Miliband being of that religious heritage may think Purnell was his silent partner in the takeover scheme.
Now presently Andrew Gwynne MP for thousands in Tameside and Stockport was appointed the Chair of the Friends of Israel large group so could he also be useful to Miliband and Purnell in under cover lobbying against Brown.
So this bundle of cess pit Politicans are certainly somewhere in the frey at present,and the fall out may bring some surprises.
But Stephen Carter (Ex OfCom/Anna
Gorman his wife (Ex BBC).Purnell (Ex BBC) best mate of Stephen Carter and pal of Miliband.Carter the dominating No1 now appointed by Brown,these players are worth watching in who becomes something and who gets dumped.
Follow these connections if you want to see what Purnell is up to.
I think having been promoted to Secretary of State by Brown its not yet realised that Purnell could well be a very silent assassin doing the knife sharpening for someone to use.
Have you noticed its sod the Electorate whilst they roll about in the mire seeking increased power not for you but for themselves.

Anonymous said...

James Purnell is as bland and anodyne as they come. Watching paint dry's more interesting than watching a TV interview with him.

It really does baffle me that some in the Labour Party would want such a non-entity as their leader.