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Monday, 23 June 2008

Like father(in-law) like Son (in-law) - part 2

Part 2 in our series about the similarities between Longdendale Councillor Sean Parker-Perry and his father-in-law Lord Tom Pendry continues with the fact that their Catholic faith seems to conflict with their extra-marital activities.

Lord Pendry's lover was a well-known (well, at one point) actress - Aimi MacDonald (top right in our picture). Curiously, her wikipedia profile does not mention Pendry, but does reveal that she had other Labour Minister lovers, such as John Stonehouse. It was also rumoured she wasn't politically fussy and was linked to John Major at one point. The thing they all have in common is clearly power - anything else is speculation.

The only place on the internet you will find reference to this affair is here - and just in case it's subsequently taken down, we will carry the relevant excerpt from the article below:

...Later she formed a close bond with former Labour Junior Minister Tom Pendry and the couple were seen at a string of London nightspots. When Mr Pendry split from wife Moira in 1984, he said Miss MacDonald had become his "very close and dear friend"...

Hmmn, yes.

Anyway, what's this got to do with Sean? Well, it seems that it is well known in political circles that he's having it off with his fellow Labour Party member, prospective (but as yet failed) Councillor, and well-known James Purnell cheerleader Claire Francis* (bottom right in our picture).

Doing nothing to scotch the rumours, they are frequently seen out in public together.

Like 'the Baron', Sean clearly thinks it's OK to take his pick of the local women-folk behind his wife's back: whilst she's doing her stint as a teacher for the lost souls at the nearby Roman Catholic School in Glossop, Sean's doing the Devil's work (in all its diabolical forms) in Tameside.

Amen to that.

(* - she so loves James that she set up one Facebook group and is an admin for another - the only ones that eulogise him - here and here)


roy walker said...

Doesn't claire look like Olive of On the Buses?

Tom Hagen said...

HAHA. Yes she does

P. O'Neill said...

I think Olive is prettier!