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Saturday, 31 May 2008

James Purnell's Great Escape

An excerpt from the New Statesman Magazine:

An informant whispers that the Work Harder Secretary, James Purnell, was enjoying a break in Los Angeles when the cabinet was ordered on to the airwaves to "Save Gordie" after Crewe. Old Labour hands view his absence as a cunning plan by a minister who fancies his leadership chances. LA is, of course, home of the US movie industry. A former female acquaintance - nudge, nudge - of young James confesses she saw a poster on his bedroom wall of Steve McQueen. Purnell put it there, she giggles, because he thought he resembled the star. Now both have pulled off The Great Escape.

So the ever delusional James Purnell fancies himself as Steve McQueen eh? Well in true photoshop fashion, we have done the movie poster of the Great Escape to include Purnell. Enjoy!

In other rumours, Liberal Conspiracy says that James Purnell is planning his own great escape by exiting his constituency of Stalybridge and Hyde as he has been "sniffing around safe Labour seats". It's no good having a Prime Minister who isn't even elected now is it? An insider within Tameside Tories tells me that there are people within their group taunting Tameside Labour with their local election results because if you was to compile all the local wards together in Stalybridge and Hyde, the Conservatives took 9,225 votes versus Labour's 8,347 votes. This would obviously mean no James Purnell and a Conservative MP for the first time since 1937 in what is considered to be a "Labour heartland".

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