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Monday, 5 May 2008

James Purnell to lose seat at next election?

Following the election results last week, it was reported that if the results were repeated at a General Election, the Tameside Mafia's latest recruit & Stalybridge and Hyde MP James Purnell, would have lost his seat.

That being the case, we'd better do our best to get to work to ensure that the blogosphere knows all about James' little exploits, both in Tameside and prior to his arrival in the North, so we can be sure that there's plenty to read about him by 2010.

For impatient types, here goes: he was sued for libel by a fellow Labour Party member Liz Davies following accusations of her inciting violence (later settled out of Court); he was given an easy ride on BBC's Newsnight because he was riding a producer at the time; he colluded in faking photos for a press shot at Tameside Hospital (no link needed there surely); he told House of Commons authorities one thing about his financial affairs and the Inland Revenue something else (again, no link needed).

...locally, we have the aforementioned Tameside Hospital photos; his backing for Active Longdendale, and then attempts to remove it from the internet; and the 'local home' he has. Well, we'll have more about the latter in due course.

For now, we're sure James is anxious about how the next 2 years will go, but we're very excited.

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Liam said...

The funny thing about that £20k CGT tax dodge was that "all records were destroyed". Hmmmmm.... how very, very convienient.