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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

James Purnell says "Every Little Helps"

James PurnellAccording to the Telegraph, James Purnell was stacking shelves in Tesco this weekend, along with Tamsin Dunwoody, the Labour candidate for the forthcoming Crewe and Nantwich By -election. The Mirror says it was from orders from the Labour party, in an attempt to make it look as if cabinet ministers are "in touch" with the public.

Now lets delve into Purnell's past which shows just how much he is "in touch" with his own constituency of Stalybridge and Hyde. We all know that Purnell comes from a wealthy family and was raised in the South of France, and that later in life he attended the Royal Grammar School in Guildford (which currently costs £3752 per term or just a snip at over £15k a year - more than most people would earn in Stalybridge and Hyde). Purnell then went on to Oxford University to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Balliol College. We could also go on about the "mansion" in London which Purnell claimed was his primary household, and which he thereby dodged paying £20,000 of Capital Gains Tax.

As the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Purnell now gets a bigger say in the budget over tax and benefits which brings us on to the much talked about 10p income tax debate. On last week's BBC Question Time Purnell said he supported scrapping the lower rate, saying that it was only a "temporary measure" and "tax credits are the way forward". This contradicts the views of the Labour councillors in Tameside who blamed the 10p income tax issue for their poor performance in the local elections this year.

After the local elections on May 1st, it was projected that James Purnell would have lost his seat if it had been a General Election. Better get practising stacking those shelves boyo!

We have just found a video from the by-election which shows James Purnell in Tesco with Tamsin Dunwoody:

He comes across as a cheesy store manager don't you think?


Anonymous said...

They do not appear to have a clue, Perhaps Jimbo can get a tip from Kath Puddington. That would be a nice role reversal

Tom Hatton said...

Nice pic. I wonder if he'll be thinking 10p tax is only 'a temporary measure' when he himself will have to cart himself off to the job centre at the next general election - i wonder if he even knows what a job is.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say this......

I attended tonights Council meeting and Jean Brazil did not. According to Councillor Colin White Jean Brazil has got a common cold. I would like to add that I have got a bad cold too and I also have a sore throat and cough yet I still managed to attend the meeting which lasted less than an hour. I'm sure Jean Brazil could have swallowed a couple of Beechams and done her job to represent every resident of her ward at her very first council meeting.

Stacey Knighton.