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Friday, 23 May 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Tameside Councillors Basic Pay Increase 2008/2009

Tameside Mafia has learned that Tameside Councillors are to get an increase to their basic allowance of 2.51%.

The basic salary for councillors in 2007/2008 was £10,942 - however, a council mole has exclusively told Tameside Mafia that this basic pay will be rising by a further £275 to £11,217. It was rumoured that hard pressed councillors within the Labour party were asking for an increase of £1,000, but our glorious leader put the kibosh on it because of the national situation within government - it just wouldn't be right, would it?

But lets take a look at this magical 2.51% figure. This year has been the year of public sector strikes over low pay increases. Earlier this year Gordon Brown announced that public sector workers would only be getting a below inflation 2% pay increase (i.e. a pay cut). We have seen strikes from teachers who have been offered 2.45% from the government, but they are still fighting to bring that up to 4.1%. The police have also been fighting against the government who offered a 1.9% increase. The police are also considering strike action - a first since 1919.

Now lets bring things back home again. This year Tameside Council decided to increase council tax by 2.42%, but yet councillors get an increase of 2.51% - It seems to me that the figures just don't add up. So once again, Tameside Council delivers a massive slap in the face to the citizens it serves. And where is the opposition on increased pay to councillors who are so against increased spending at the council? Nowhere to be seen as John Bell, who is leader of Tameside Tories, is too busy paying for the new Jaguar he bought straight after winning the 2007 election.

We have further, but not complete, information about individual Scrutiny Panels, District Assemblies and Cabinet positions etc - all will be getting an increase of above 2.51%. This will be the one to watch out for. Tameside Mafia will have this document in due course and will be revealing its contents online, including all the movers & shakers and, of course, Roy Oldham's salary.

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