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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Wars & vendettas

War has broken out in Tameside, with tit-for-tat exchanges between Roy Oldham and the local incarnations of the Guardian Media Group.

The latest spat all started last month, when Roy Oldham publicly berated a Manchester Evening News journalist, Brian Lashley, over a recent article regarding TMBC's spending towards the Glossop Spur (No Mottram Bypass had the scoop).

Oldham's ire was further stoked by a later article on the rise in Council Tax in Tameside, which featured a comment from the local Tory Don John Bell comparing Oldham to Fidel Castro (in that they're both past it & authoritarians - any other similarities stretch the imagination somewhat. After all, Castro booted the Mafia out of Cuba - Oldham is the Mafia in Tameside).

Oldham then launched an attack in the following week's letters page, directing his venom at the Advertiser rather than the Tories:
And last week, both the Manchester Evening News and the Advertiser carried articles about how the (TMBC run) Greater Manchester Pension Fund invests in the arms trade.

Who has the moral high ground? Well, it's clearly the GMG: via their associations, Oldham & Co are financing the arms trade - at arm's length - but their investments in it via the GMPF are undeniable.

GMG seen to have the upper hand at the moment - their article about the GMPF was a clear warning to Oldham: you go after our journalist and we can lift the lid. But this will only go so far. Like Corleone and the Tattaglias in the Godfather, it's possible to forgive almost anything and come to an 'accommodation'.

Not so for this blog. We have all kinds of dirt to spread. Watch this space.

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