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Monday, 3 March 2008

Mike Doherty sleeps with the fishes

The Reporter Group newspapers carried a rather nondescript item this week, one that has so far been missed elsewhere.

It carried a report that Mike Doherty, assistant to James Purnell MP, has resigned from his job following a disciplinary hearing over his use of a false address when writing to the newspapers. This seemingly solves the problem of troublesome staff that Purnell has been burdened with - as far as the general newspaper reading public may be concerned.

But for those who follow anything on the internet, one wonders why Purnell would stop at Doherty.

We'd be very interested to know whether or not another member of his staff, Barbara Charlesworth, lives on St Michael's Road in Hyde. If she did not, presumably Purnell would accept her resignation as well: No Mottram Bypass pointed out that she has also written to the press.

And that's nothing compared to the record of one Sean Parker-Perry. This blog is chronicling his exploits on the internet. Parker-Perry's reputation is all over Google - just type his name in and it's all revealed to you. How long can he last?

We'll see...


Liam said...

Funnily enough I have had no visits from that infamous IP address for a while. I wonder if the lot have had the chop.

Liam said...

Oh and I wonder where he will be working next? Call centre? Erm... more likely to be shifted to another office or some cushy government job. Keep your ears and eyes peeled.

Ashtonian said...

Rep[orter Group of Newspapers? they still around? Oh yes the only newspaper with no web presence!