Have you got a story to tell? Have you been through the mincer of TMBC's Pay & Grading Review/Job Evaluation? Or have you been made redundant by the Guardian Media Group? Do you want to hit back? Do you have a story - or any information - which you'd like us to know in case we can use it in some way to attack the political and media Cartel in Tameside? Drop us a line - email tamesidemafia@gmail.com.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Welcome to Tameside Mafia

Tameside Mafia is a new weblog that will focus exclusively on the private and public dealings of the power elite in and around Tameside MBC. The cast of characters is long & the stories largely unknown, but we will bring you the info that has been largely kept out of the public domain about the workings of this secret society with a benevolent public face.

Keep watching the site for updates and new stories.


tonydj said...
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caporegime said...

Touche. No pasaran.

Anonymous said...

Bella Italia! You talking to me John Taylor, you talking to me? You dumb shmuck!

I'm liking this blog, Scarface style.